Drvg Cvltvre – Jericho Flats

Haunted by his memories, Captain Gnarlock travels across the stars, in search for the man who brutally took his most beloved body part. They face off in a strange and dark discotheque.


Jericho Flats, by: Drvg Cvltvre
from: Into The Endless Night (Pinkman Records 2016)

concept: Spread, Loulou&Tummie
production: Spread

special thanks to:
80s toons&toys + Berghain for the ‘inspiration’ ;)
sellers on flea markets, eBay and Marktplaats for the toys
Harm v. Zon for the ‘heads up’
Tommy v. Berkel (Skyline capturing) for the camera stuff
Teague Chrystie & Christopher Huppertz for the VHS look

CLIENT: Drvg Cvltvre PRODUCT: Music Video